Hikari is the main roleplaying character of Jadenyuki93.   He is 870 years old but has the appearance of a 14 year

Some attributes
First Species: Mazoku
Second Class: A-Class
Third Height: 5'8
Other attributes
Fourth Weight: 165 lbs (of pure muscle)
old boy.


Hikari is a Mazoku and he has long, shaggy black hair.  He is medium height and has tattoos on his body, he has a lean muscular build.  He doesn't wear a shirt most of the time and usually wears tattered jeans.  He bears a great resemblance to Yusuke in his Mazoku form.  Because of his long life-span, Hikari still has the appearance of a teenager.


Hikari loves fighting and likes to show off his fighting skills to everyone.  He is cocky and thinks he can defeat any demon. 


Hikari was born in ancient times whenever humans and demons lived together, his parents were from a tribe of bandit

Young Hikari

Mazoku.  This tribe he was from would pillage and rob villages, killing many in the process.  When Hikari was 12, he began to see the evil his people were doing and so he rebelled, not wanting to be part of the tribe anymore.  He killed the chief of the tribe and ran away, wandering Earth for many years and feeding off of humans to keep himself alive.  After fighting a Spirit Defense Squad Soldier, Hikari began to realize why eating humans was bad, even though he did it to keep himself alive.  Instead, Hikari began to only eat the bad humans.  In present day, he lurks in the cities feeding off of evil humans. 


Martial arts

Spirit Shock Blast

Double Spirit Gun

Spirit Punch

Spirit Reflection Blast

Spirit Kick