Please read these rules before getting on chat.                                                    

The rules

Chat Rules

1.  No sexual topics, that means no talking about sex or making sex jokes.  You will be given 3 warnings (that means kicks) and if you don't stop, it is a ban. 

2.  No spamming, do not repeatedly type the same letter over and over again.  You will be given 2 warnings before a ban.   This also means no ASCII or typing in foreign langauges, it is considered spamming. 

3.  You are allowed to use cuss, just don't take it too far.  That means do not say the C word.

4.  No racist jokes, not even white jokes.  It is hurtful to other users and will start arguments.  You are also forbidden to use racial slurs.

5.  No godmodding, it is against the rules and can frustrate other users.  You will be given 3 warnings before a ban.


Godmodding is when one user, in a fight with another user, ignores his or her opponents attacks and is not hurt by any of them.  They also think they are the strongest and can defeat the admins characters, while obviously, the admins (or founder) have been roleplaying longer than them and are obviously much better. 

Example of godmodding:

  • An A-Class Demon fights a D-Class Demon*
  • D-Class Demon blasts A-Class Demon with a giant spirit ball*
  • A-Class Demon is not hurt, he charges at D-Class Demon and impales him with a sword*

Understand what godmodding is now?  Do not EVER do it in chat.